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Es Fogueró Palace on Mallorca: Big plans, overgrown ruins and a brutal murder

Once upon a time, every night 2000 people flocked to the revue theatre “Es Fogueró Palace” in the north-east of Mallorca. But after only a few years the entertainment temple closed its doors forever, the business was too unprofitable. The place only made the headlines again when a body was found there.

“Shish Kebab Requiem” – a Georgian rap album about big girls and deadly streetfood

Georgian artists Kordz and DRO have created an ironic collage of pop culture references on a journey through four centuries of music. The new album “Shish Kebab Requiem” is a testament to the mad creativity of Tbilisi’s music scene, which is much more than just techno and Bassiani. Talk about…

Hope and repression – A weekend at the protests in Minsk

Peaceful protests and police violence, hope and fear, courage and apathy – on my trip to Minsk, I encountered the different shades of Belarus in turmoil. While the young generation seems like a guarantee for change, there is a danger that apathy might return to Belarus. Supermarkets where you could…

Rebuilding a Christian town after liberation from ISIS

Ahmed is an architect who came back to his hometown of Bartella to help rebuild it. The city had been recently liberated from ISIS amid fierce fighting, leaving most buildings bullet-ridden and heavily damaged. Most of the largely Christian population, including Ahmed fled to nearby Kurdistan before ISIS extremists took…